Income Protection Policy T&C’s


Our Customer had a claim for an injury.

He didn’t have a substantial income.  For the relatively short amount of time he had off work, the insurer calculated his benefit payment at around $2,500.   This seemed reasonable in the circumstances.

We argued that he was actually entitled to $6,000.   This was because we understood the terms and conditions of his policy in intimate detail.   We got the benefit paid in time for Christmas.

Today he looked very relaxed and was very thankful for the work we did.  Why?  Because without it he was stressing that he would have to work extra days over Xmas/New Years and would have to put his kids in care.  Instead, he was able to spend those days with his kids who he doesn’t get to see very often due to spending most of the time with their Mum.

So our efforts were appreciated by him not because his bank balance was higher but because with our help he got to spend valued time with his kids.  Priceless.

Sometimes it is the small wins that mean the most, and this is certainly one of those.